Designed for developers, by developers, is here to transform the way you interact with code using context aware artificial intelligence.


Explore Akita's features

Real-Time Documentation Generation

Effortlessly create comprehensive documentation, including READMEs tailored perfectly to your code's specifics.

Intelligent Code Summarization

Automatically generate concise summaries of your codebase, enabling quick understanding of complex projects with the power of AI.

Automated Code Review

Improve code quality with AI-driven reviews automatically, ensuring robustness and reliability in your development process.

Context Aware Chatbot (Akita Assistant)

Engage in meaningful dialogue with your codebase through Akita Assistant, a context-aware AI chatbot, making troubleshooting and exploration seamless.

Extensible Plugin System

Customize and extend Akita's capabilities with plugins. Develop your own or integrate existing ones to tailor the tool to your unique workflow needs.

Multilingual Programming Support

Speak your language, both in code and communication, with extensive support for multiple programming languages and human languages, enhancing global collaboration.

Akita Assistant

From real-time code suggestions to on-the-fly debugging, transform your terminal into a powerhouse of productivity

Code Understanding

Ask the Akita Assistant anything about your codebase—be it functions, classes, or specific lines of code—and get clear, context-aware explanations.

Bug Detection and Suggestions

Highlight potential issues in your code and receive suggestions for improvements, helping you to maintain a high code quality.

Documentation Generation

Automatically generate documentation for your code to enhance understandability and maintainability.

User Friendly Interface

Enjoy Akita Assistant with a sleek UI or run it directly in your local terminal for seamless integration.

Custom Queries

Tailor your questions to fit your specific needs, whether it's understanding complex algorithms or getting guidance on best practices.


Extensible Plugin System

Unlock the full potential of Akita with with it's versatile plugin system. Explore a growing library of plugins developed by the Akita community. Add specialized functionalities that make your development experience more efficient.